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Contaminated Soil

Contaminated Soil

Cleanway's Contaminated Soil Cleanup Service

Contaminated soil can have economic, legal, environmental, health and planning implications. Whether it is a small area contaminated by a toxic spill, or a major toxic site that is to be re-purposed, Cleanway can assist. We can provide tailored treatment and disposal of hazardous and contaminated soil as well as site remediation services.

Our experienced staff, utilising a comprehensive range of equipment, ensure the safe and EPA-compliant removal of any hazardous material from contaminated soil, including hydrocarbons and asbestos. We are then able to assist with the bio-remediation of the cleaned site to meet the strictest standards.

In addition, Cleanway’s highly trained staff have the capability to measure the level of toxicity on an on-going basis to ensure that the cleanup work has been effective.

We offer removal, recycling and treatment of effluent, septic or oily water, all the time being committed to providing you with the most complete, safe and environmentally friendly solution to the problem of contaminated soil.

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