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EcoSpill Products

  • Absorbents


    To clean up fuel, oil, chemical and toxic liquid spills.

  • Sorbents


    We can supply both oil-based Sorbents and Earthsorb Laminated Sorbents

  • Spill Kits

    Spill Kits

    A range of Spill Kits to suit the size and type of possible spill.

  • Floor Bunding

    Floor Bunding

    Durabund is designed to withstand the rigors workshop traffic.

  • Portable Containment

    Portable Containment

    Containing dangerous, toxic spills is much easier than trying to clean the liquids off the ground.

  • Spill Containment Pallets

    Spill Containment Pallets

    These economical pallets can be combined to create your own customised system.

  • Drum Handling

    Drum Handling

    Drum Handling Systems - easier to move and store drums with less chance of a spill.

  • Safety Cabinets

    Safety Cabinets

    Allows you to store your toxic and flammable goods n a locked environment.

  • Storm Water and Sediment Control

    Storm Water and Sediment Control

    Efficient storm water management is an important for any business.

Cleanway are proud to stock an extensive range of Ecospill products to assist you in your waste management strategy. Ecospill is a wholly Australian owned company and a leading supplier of environmental safety products. If you handle, store or use fuels, oils, dangerous goods and/or chemicals then Ecospill has products to help you with your duty of care and compliance.

Ecospill understands the pressures placed on industry and business owners. The desire in most businesses today is to be environmentally friendly, show due diligence, and meet your duty of care towards the environment and the workplace. But the regulated requirements are not your core business …. That’s why so many companies use Cleanway and Ecospill to manage their environmental compliance.

The team of Cleanway and Ecospill give you access to qualified, professional consultants who are able to visit onsite when required and provide simple, efficient and cost effective solutions to allow you to meet your environmental obligations.