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Cleanway's Solvent Supply Service

There are many solvents required in the industrial and manufacturing environment. Cleanway has the experience and can advise you on what solvents in what strength are the best to use in your particular situation. We can ensure the most cost effective and safe solution for your solvent requirements.

We have compiled the Material Safety Documents for a large number of solvents to provide you with the information so you know how to safely handle these solvents. If you have any questions, give our experts a call or send us an email

In order to simplify your ordering and management of solvent products, Cleanway can assist. We supply and deliver a wide range of solvents such as:



Our Solvents

Acetone  MIBK
Acrylic Lacquer Thinner  Mineral Turps
Byozone 'C' Window Cleaner Multi Purpose Thinner
Enamel Reducer Masking Paper (1-9 Rolls) ea
Gun Wash Masking Paper (10 + Rolls) ea
Hand Cleaner Citra D (Grit-Non Grit) Soft Cotton Rags White
Hand Cleaner Finga's Red (Paint & Ink) Soft Cotton Rags Coloured
Kerosene  Solvent 1601
Iso Propyl Alcohol Toluol
MEK Wax & Grease Remover
Methylated Spirits - Technical Grade White Spirits
Methylated Spirits 95% XYLOL

Material Safety Documents for Download

Acetone MSDS Mineral Turpentine MSDS
All Purpose Thinners #3 MSDS Solvent 1425 MSDS
Grease & Wax Remover MSDS Solvent HF MSDS
IMS 95% MSDS Solvent Kero MSDS
MEK MSDS White Spirits MSDS
Gunwash Thinners MSDS