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Cleanway Announces Opening of WA Office 28 March 2012

Kewdale, Western Australia, 28th March 2012 – Cleanway Environmental Services, an Australian specialty waste management company with extensive experience in industrial and hazardous waste removal and cleanup, today announced the opening of its new Western Australia office in Kewdale.

The new Cleanway website, www.cleanway.com.au, provides information and enquiry details on Cleanway’s services, while the Kewdale office allows the business to improve service to its growing customer base from Australia’s mining sector. The new Cleanway website offers detailed information about the business’ services, including industrial waste cleanup and the removal of hazardous chemical waste. The site also features studies of several recent Cleanway projects, including the cleanup of more than 800 tonnes of hazardous chemical waste from a chemical plant fire and the retrieval and cleanup of a pallet of illegally dumped toxic chemicals. Prospective customers interested in learning more about Cleanway’s industrial waste or hazardous chemical cleanup, removal and recycling services may enquire via a simple online form.

The new Cleanway Environmental Services Kewdale office is located at 21 Ballantyne Road The business’ third office after Sydney and Melbourne, the Kewdale office greatly increases proximity to existing and prospective customers in the mining sector. “The vast number of mine sites and projects in Western Australia represent a huge growth area for Cleanway’s services, particularly industrial waste cleanup and hazardous chemical removal,” said Jon Dartnall, Cleanway Environmental Services’ Perth Manager “Our Kewdale office will promote increased interaction with mining company representatives and will allow for decreased response time in urgent cleanup situations.” Cleanway’s new website and office will work synergistically to improve awareness of and access to the business’ wide range of environmentally friendly and regulation-compliant waste collection, transportation, recycling, disposal and cleanup services available to all industries across Australia.

About Cleanway Environmental Services: Cleanway Environmental Services is a specialty waste management company committed to helping businesses deal with waste in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. Cleanway’s services include collection and transportation of waste, industrial waste cleanup, waste product recycling and disposal of hazardous chemical waste. Cleanway Environmental Services is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and completing all jobs in strict compliance with government regulations and health and environmental standards.

For more information, please contact:

Jon Dartnall

Industrial Waste Manager W.A

Cleanway Environmental Services

Ph: 0418 925 701

Email: Jon@cleanway.com.au

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