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Paint Recycling

Paint Recycling

Cleanway's Paint Recycling Service

Paint contains solvents and metals that can contaminate groundwater and have deleterious effects on human health. Older paints in particular can contain lead, which is a cumulative poison.

With these risks in mind, Cleanway’s expert staff can advise your business on whether paint recycling can be a part of your waste management strategy.

In the hierarchy of waste management solutions, recycling is second only to avoidance.

We offer innovated workshop products to help your business reduce paint waste – see our products page – but we also offer innovative methods of paint recycling and paint container reuse.

Recycling paints and solvents can reduce the cost of disposing of such hazardous waste. Used paint can be recycled for use in new solvents or paint products.

Cleanway offers a range of paint collecting and recycling options.

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