Industrial Services

Cleanway’s Industrial Waste Management Services caters to a variety of industrial cleaning and waste disposal needs.


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Grease Trap Cleaning

Have all your fats, oils, and grease removed from your business kitchen grease trap.

Septic Tank Pump Out

The Cleanway Team can pump out and clean your septic tanks in an affordable and environmentally friendly manner.

High Pressure Water Blasting

Our professional team uses high pressure water blasting to safely clean undesired coating and dirt build-up, as well as non destructive digging.

Industrial services High Pressure Blasting

Graffiti Removal

Cleanway offers environmentally friendly and safe graffiti removal services that restores walls and other surfaces to their original coat.

8 ways to get graffiti off your walls

Hydro Excavation

Excavation can be tricky. At Cleanway, we offer hydro excavation services that protect underground infrastructure and soil health.

The Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Non Destructive Digging

Non destructive digging offers safe, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective excavation.

non destructive digging in australia

Guardrail Installation and Maintenance

Cleanway excels at safe installation and maintenance of guardrails across Australia.

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Asset Longevity

Maintain and extend the lifespan of your physical assets with our thorough cleaning and maintenance services, ensuring they remain in optimal condition.

Precision and Safety

Safely and precisely excavate without damaging underground utilities, ensuring project accuracy and reducing risks.


Boost productivity with our quick and effective cleaning and excavation services, reducing downtime and operational delays.

Industrial services efficiency