Product Destruction

Trust Cleanway to securely destroy a number of products. The specific benefits depend on the nature of the destroyed product.


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Ensure the complete destruction of confiscated or illegal goods, maintaining compliance with legal requirements.

Branded Products

Maintain brand integrity by securely disposing of counterfeit or unauthorised merchandise, protecting your brand reputation and preventing counterfeit goods from entering the market.

product destruction packaging


Responsibly dispose of excess or outdated packaging materials, reducing waste and promoting sustainability in your supply chain.

Medical Waste

Safely dispose of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive healthcare products to protect public health and safety.

product destruction of secure documents

Secure Documents

Guarantee the irreversible destruction of confidential documents, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining privacy.

Consumer Goods

Dispose of unsellable or defective products in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner, preventing them from entering the market or being resold.

product destruction of consumer goods


Ethically dispose of unsold or outdated books, ensuring they are securely destroyed and diverted from landfill.

CDs and DVDs

Ensure the secure disposal of obsolete media formats, protecting intellectual property and sensitive content.

product destruction of cd and dvd
product destruction of clothing


Ethically dispose of unsellable or outdated clothing items, ensuring they are securely destroyed and diverted from landfill. This is inclusive of shoes and PPE.

Additional Items

With our state-of-the-art shredding equipment, we can efficiently process large items measuring up to 1.2 metres. This capability enables swift and seamless handling of bulky products, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

product destruction of additional items

Meet the Team

product destruction confidentiality security

Confidentiality and Security

Protect your brand and sensitive information with our secure destruction process, including 24/7 surveillance and destruction certificates, ensuring products are irreversibly destroyed.

Tailored Solutions

Enjoy customized disposal solutions that meet your specific needs, whether through complete shredding or recycling, ensuring responsible and secure disposal.

product destruction tailored solutions

Sustainability Commitment

Contribute to a greener future by choosing our environmentally friendly practices aimed at zero landfill waste, helping you meet your waste diversion targets.

product destruction sustainability commitment