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Cleanway Environmental Services is a specialty waste management company committed to helping your business deal with its waste.  We assess your particular waste needs and offer innovative solutions to meet those needs.

Our services include collection and transportation of waste, waste product recycling and disposal of waste. Whether it be hazardous chemicals, oil waste, batteries, liquid waste, paint and paint containers, empty drums or medical, clinical and laboratory waste or product destruction, Cleanway can deal with it.  

And we can design for you an efficient, integrated waste management program tailor-made for your specific needs.

But Cleanway does more. We are committed not only to helping your business deal with its waste, but to offer a service that is in strict compliance with government regulations and health and environmental standards. We provide advice on how your waste management program can be carried out in the most responsible and environmentally friendly manner, one which meets customer and community needs.

Businesses across a wide range of industry sectors should start from the premise that the best way to manage waste is to avoid it. If it can’t be avoided – and the reality is, of course, that a lot of waste can’t be avoided –   the next best option is to find some way to reuse it or recycle it. If it can’t be recycled, it must be disposed of.  

Cleanway knows the priorities. We have the expertise not only to know which option is best for your business, but to ensure that you are able, with our help, to implement it in the safest, most efficient and regulation-compliant way.  

We can help you recycle any waste, from paper and cardboard to oils and paints. And if it can’t be recycled, we can help you dispose of it safely.

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Some Recent Projects

Recent ProjectCleanway Environmental services was recently engaged by a local council.

We had to retrieve a pallet of illegally dumped Sodium fluoride from the base of a landfill site.

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Peter and his team came to the rescue with their understanding of urgency in cleaning up our site.

Proving no matter what time of the day Cleanway are second to none in Waste Management.

By Peter Gaspar, Tollchem/Prismatic

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