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Contaminated Soil Disposal

Are you grappling with the challenge of contaminated soil on your property? Whether it’s due to industrial activities, accidental spills, or historical land use, contaminated soil poses significant risks to health and the environment.

That’s where Cleanway, Australia’s leading Environmental Services company, steps in.

Understanding Contaminated Soil Disposal

We understand that dealing with contaminated soil requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses EPA Compliance, Environmental Services, Hazardous Waste Management, and Soil Remediation Services.

Contaminated soil disposal is not just about removing soil; it’s about ensuring the safety of the environment and communities.

Cleanway's Contaminated Soil Disposal Process

Our process begins with a thorough site assessment, identifying contaminants and determining the most appropriate disposal method. 

Types of Contaminated Soil Disposal Services

We offer a variety of services tailored to address different contamination scenarios:

DIY Tips and Preventative Measures for Contaminated Soil Disposal

Why Choose Cleanway for Contaminated Soil Disposal?

Unmatched Safety Standards

Safety is at the core of everything we do. We adopt the highest safety standards in the industry to ensure the well-being of our clients, their employees, and the general public. Our protocols and procedures are rigorously designed to mitigate risks associated with waste management, from collection to disposal.

Environmental Responsibility

Our dedication to environmental stewardship is evident in our operational practices. We comply with and strive to exceed environmental regulations, ensuring that our waste management solutions contribute positively to the planet’s health. By choosing us, you partner with a company prioritising sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Licensed and Accredited by the EPA

Our expertise and reliability are underscored by our licensing and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accreditation. This certification is a testament to our compliance with stringent environmental laws and regulations, offering you peace of mind that your waste management needs are handled with the utmost professionalism and adherence to legal standards.

Long-standing Experience and Expert Staff

Our legacy is built on decades of managing chemical and hazardous waste with unmatched proficiency. Our team comprises industry veterans who bring knowledge and expertise to every task. 

Our staff’s expertise is not just about handling waste; it’s about providing solutions that ensure your operations remain safe, compliant, and efficient.

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Why is regular testing of soil important?

Regular testing of soil is crucial to identify contamination early and take appropriate action. This is especially important if you’re growing food or if there are farms nearby, as contaminated soil can have far-reaching effects on agriculture and the environment. Acting quickly in case of contamination is essential to prevent further damage.

PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) can accumulate in humans and non-human organisms, leading to significant health risks. They are considered endocrine disruptors and can cause various health issues including liver and thyroid problems, reproductive issues, kidney and testicular cancer, and an increased risk of birth defects. Proper disposal of PFAS-contaminated soil is crucial to prevent further environmental contamination and protect public health.

The disposal options for contaminated soil vary depending on whether the soil is hazardous or non-hazardous. Options include reuse in residential or non-residential applications, recycling, landfill disposal, RCRA/TSCA treatment, and incineration. The choice of disposal method depends on the soil’s waste classification, contaminants present, and local environmental regulations.

Professional soil disposal services identify and transport contaminated soil to appropriate disposal facilities, which may sometimes be out of state. These services are equipped to handle various types of contaminants and comply with environmental regulations. They offer solutions like soil bioremediation, venting, creation of impermeable soil, soil solidification, and vapor extraction.

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