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Hazardous Chemical Waste

Hazardous Chemical Waste

Cleanway's Hazardous Chemical Waste Disposal Service

Hazardous chemicals are harmful for your workers, your clients, your community, your environment, and your reputation. For that reason, it is critical for your business that you manage hazardous chemicals correctly.

That’s where Cleanway comes in.

We offer an integrated collection, treatment and disposal service for hazardous chemicals, from oily waste and sludges to paints, cyanide waste and acids.

Our experienced staff are able to tailor solutions to meet your specific needs, and we have the technology and capability to ensure that you are able to meet your due diligence requirements when it comes to managing hazardous chemicals, as well as complying with the relevant state regulations (in NSW, the Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals Act 1985) as well as dangerous goods requirements under Commonwealth legislation.

Cleanway Environmental Services is licensed by the EPA (Licence no. 007432) and meets all requirements for the transportation of hazardous chemicals emergency procedure guides, labels and material safety data sheets (MSDS).

Customers are supplied with the correct EPA waste receipt documentation, which must be kept for a minimum of four years. All hazardous waste is transported to a licensed waste treatment plant for processing.

Some of the Other Services We Provide

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    Medical Waste

    We have staff with specific expertise in medical waste management

  • Chemical Recycling

    Chemical Recycling

    Recycling some chemicals is cheaper, safer and easier than disposal.

  • Spill Cleanup Response

    Spill Cleanup Response

    Our spill cleanup response system will ensure that your business can respond to any spill incident.

  • High Pressure Cleaning

    High Pressure Cleaning

    Cleanway provides high pressure cleaning services with state of the art equipment