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Industrial Waste Cleanup

Industrial Waste Cleanup

Cleanway's Industrial Waste Cleanup Service

Generating industrial waste is a reality for businesses small and large, but the management of such waste is not necessarily something they know much about.

Cleanway does.
We offer an obligation-free assessment of your business’s current industrial waste management process and how it measures up to the regulatory requirements and to industry best practice.

Our industrial waste experts are then able to tailor a more efficient, healthier, more environmentally friendly, specialised solution that meets the industrial waste needs of your business.

That solution can include collection, treatment, removal, recycling and disposal services for a wide range of liquid, solid and other industrial waste streams. From oils and solvents to resins and water waste, we can handle your industrial waste needs.

We manage all procedures and documentation to ensure strict compliance with guidelines and regulations (the key NSW government statutes concerning industrial waste management, storage, processing, recovery and disposal include the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act 2001 and the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2005).

In addition, Cleanway offers security product destruction, providing your company with documentation of any secured industrial waste burial.

Some of the Other Services We Provide

  • Contaminated Soil

    Contaminated Soil

    Ensure the safe and EPA-compliant removal of any hazardous material from contaminated soil.

  • Medical Waste

    Medical Waste

    We have staff with specific expertise in medical waste management

  • Chemical Recycling

    Chemical Recycling

    Recycling some chemicals is cheaper, safer and easier than disposal.

  • Spill Cleanup Response

    Spill Cleanup Response

    Our spill cleanup response system will ensure that your business can respond to any spill incident.