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Liquid Waste Disposal

Liquid Waste Disposal

Cleanway's Liquid Waste Disposal Service

Cleanway offers liquid waste treatment for everything from paints to acids and adhesives. Such waste can contaminate land and pollute waters, and as such is regulated by the NSW state government under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

Our treatment procedures and equipment meet EPA guidelines on liquid waste and are operated by experienced staff, ensuring that we deliver the highest level of operational safety, quality and compliance. Our vacuum loading trucks ensure that we can recover and dispose of any liquid that you need removed.

In the case of emergency hazardous liquid spills, Cleanway offers a 24-hour Spill Cleanup Response.

In addition, we offer a wide range of products that can be used in the management of liquid spills, such as absorbent powder, spill kits and spill containment pallets. See our products page for more information.

Some of the Other Services We Provide

  • Chemical Recycling

    Chemical Recycling

    Recycling some chemicals is cheaper, safer and easier than disposal.

  • Spill Cleanup Response

    Spill Cleanup Response

    Our spill cleanup response system will ensure that your business can respond to any spill incident.

  • High Pressure Cleaning

    High Pressure Cleaning

    Cleanway provides high pressure cleaning services with state of the art equipment

  • Paint Disposal

    Paint Disposal

    We can advise your business on the safest, most effective solution for paint disposal.