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What is Chemical Waste?

What is chemical waste

Chemical waste is formed when any chemical becomes excessive, unused, or unwanted. Like all forms of waste, it occurs when a certain good is no longer useful or wanted.  However, chemical waste can potentially be dangerous or hazardous to human health and the environment. This is made worse if improper waste disposal methods are practised.  […]

Liquid Waste: Spill and Contamination Prevention

liquid waste spill and contamination prevention

Liquid waste refers to any unwanted, excess, or disposed of substances that presents itself in a liquid form.  It can prove to be a logistical headache for companies that do not have the right liquid waste storage facilities.  Companies that are used to dealing with solid waste will find that their skip bins and other […]

Organic Waste: Creating a Sustainable Future

Organic Waste Creating a Sustainable Future

Organic waste has an interesting place in our modern effort to build a more sustainable, eco-friendly future. While organic waste is able to break down into natural, organic material, some of these do pose a threat. Take cow manure, for instance. It is a great fertiliser for crops, but manure itself is a leading contributor […]

What is Waste Management?

what is waste management

Waste management refers to any system dealing with how all garbage and trash are safely and effectively disposed of. It’s quite a large field, given the various types of waste that exist, as well as the numerous disposal methods.  It is important that waste management systems exist. Without them, waste does not go away. Rather, […]

The Digital Waste Revolution: Best Practices for Businesses

The Digital Waste Revolution

The digital revolution of the 21st century has produced a new type of waste: digital waste. It includes the vast amount of information stored on computer hardware or virtual clouds.  While digital waste might not be as visible as traditional forms of waste, it does not come without its own unique challenges. There are many […]

Ethical Food Waste Management

Ethical Food Waste Management for Business Owners

Food waste is a major consideration for business owners in the restaurant industry. But seeing this as the problem of a specific industry is narrow minded.  Every business plays its own part in producing food waste. It goes without saying that they must do what they can to find more ethical and environmentally friendly solutions. […]

Understanding Environmental Waste Solutions in Australia

understanding environmental waste solutions

Waste solutions across Australia have been looking for more environmentally friendly solutions as part of a global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reverse the effects of climate change.  Environmental waste solutions are an important part of the Australian waste system. They form a key part of our current waste streams. They’re important to […]

Managing Waste in the Modern Age

Managing Waste in the Modern Age

Managing waste in the modern age involves combining the technological improvements developed over centuries of waste management with prudent, ethical, and sustainable goals in mind.  This combination joins two major threads in human life: keeping the lessons of the past with the ideals of the future.  Waste management in Australia follows this trajectory and challenge. […]

What are Recycled Construction Materials

What are Recycled Construction Materials

Recycled construction materials form part of the construction waste management stream. It is an essential part of sustainable and eco-friendly waste management and construction.  Recycled construction materials come in a large variety of forms. They’ve become increasingly popular as humans seek to find more greener building materials.  But their popularity does come with a degree […]

The Benefits of Hydro Excavation

The Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is a fast and efficient method of removing soil. It differs from traditional digging methods. The process involves high-pressure water or air vacuums that effectively move soil and other ground debris. There are 3 main benefits to hydro excavation. Businesses or construction companies hire hydro excavation services to ensure they do the job […]