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The Benefits of Hydro Excavation

The Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is a fast and efficient method of removing soil. It differs from traditional digging methods. The process involves high-pressure water or air vacuums that effectively move soil and other ground debris.

There are 3 main benefits to hydro excavation.

  1. Safety.
  2. Cost-effective.
  3. Environmentally friendly.

Businesses or construction companies hire hydro excavation services to ensure they do the job correctly and effectively. The process involves complex and costly equipment. Therefore they employ trained professionals.

What is Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is a type of non-destructive digging. It uses high-pressure water to safely excavate soil and other ground debris.

It is different from traditional methods by using machinery and other equipment. Traditional digging methods often use people and shovels. This is labour-intensive, expensive, and prone to human error.

Hydro excavation minimises the risk of harm to both humans and the environment. The machines can accurately cut away soil and rock. They do so with a precision that humans cannot achieve. This ensures that underground assets, like mine sites, telecommunication cables, and other power cables, are not damaged.

It is an effective way for telecommunications and other utility providers to assess and fix their underground utilities. It is also used to service underground municipal gas and water pipes.

The Hydro Excavation Process

The hydro excavation process is relatively simple but does require a dedicated and experienced team.

The team uses a high-pressure water hose to cut through the soil. This both breaks up the soil and turns it into a mud slurry. Next, a vacuum truck excavation sucks this slurry out of the ground. This exposes any underground utilities that need to undergo work.

Once completing the underground services, the vacuum truck refills the hole. Hydro excavation ensures that the environment is not severely damaged. This is why we know it as non-destructive digging.

Safety Benefits of Hydro Excavation

There are several safety benefits of hydro excavation. These include:

  1. Minimised Human Error.
  2. Trained and Qualified Personnel.
  3. Little Human Contact with the Soil.
  4. Less Labour Intensive.

Let’s explore these in greater detail.

1. Hydro Excavation Minimises Human Error

A significant benefit of hydro excavation is that the machines do most of the heavy lifting. This ensures that the digging process is fast and efficient. Many hydro excavation services employ skilled contractors. They understand the underground services industry and its infrastructure.

2. Trained and Qualified Personnel

Trained and qualified personnel are employed by the hydro excavation industry. They ensure the safest method available for the digging project. This ensures that human health and well-being are upheld throughout the job.

3. Little Human Contact with the Soil

The equipment minimises human contact with the ground to be excavated or moved. This lowers the risk of contaminated soils getting into contact with human beings. It also lowers the risk of contact with underground utilities, which might be harmful if they have damage.

4. Less Labour Intensive

Older digging methods required a team of workers and a bunch of shovels and picks. This is incredibly labour-intensive and often damages the soil and undergrowth. Excavation through hydropower ensures a quick and efficient service.

Cost Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Hiring hydro excavation services is cost-effective for several reasons.

  1. Quick and Effective.
  2. They Understand the Waste and Excavation Industries.
  3. Experts Understand Underground Assets.

1. Quick and Effective

Hiring professionals ensures quick and effective completion of the job. They bring their trucks, necessary equipment, and a team of trained personnel.

2. They Understand the Waste and Excavation Industries

Trained excavation teams understand vacuum excavation, waste, and construction. This knowledge helps them assess potential risks and dangers before the digging begins. In the long run, this expertise will pay dividends in minimising mistakes and errors.

3. Experts Understand Underground Assets.

These excavation experts understand the complex underground assets. Damage to these assets may occur during digging. They can avoid mistakes that damage essential telecommunications utilities, gas pipes, and other cables.

Environmental Benefits of Hydro Excavation

Modern businesses seek environmentally friendly solutions. They also seek greener methods of conducting regular activities. Hydro excavation is one of the most environmentally friendly options and has several benefits.

  1. It utilises non-destructive digging.
  2. It creates little to no waste.
  3. No use of Chemicals.
  4. Precision Digging Minimises Extra Soil Damage.
  5. Minimal Contamination.

1. It Utilises Non Destructive Digging

Non-destructive digging is one of the most environmentally friendly excavating options. Hydro excavation utilises this process by returning any removed soil to its origin. This lowers the potential for long-term ecosystem damage.

2. It Creates Little to No Waste

Older earth-moving activities involved carting trucks of excavated ground from one site to a suitable waste disposal area. This creates an enormous waste disposal burden. By returning the soil, there is little to no waste produced.

3. No Chemicals Used.

Hydro excavation services rely on water and air. Both naturally form elements that are not toxic to humans or the environment. No additional use of chemicals in the process.

4. Precision Digging Minimises Extra Soil Damage

The specialised equipment ensures that there is little to no extra damage caused to the area. It ensures touching of only the area needing excavation. This is performed with the least long-term damage caused.

5. Minimal Contamination

The lack of harmful chemical products minimises the area’s contamination risk. This allows the project to have low environmental damage even during the vacuum excavation.

Hydro Excavation Industries

Three primary industries require hydro excavation services. They are construction, plumbing, and landscaping. Any business owner within this industry should consider outsourcing their hydro excavation needs. It is vital to outsource to a registered and experienced service provider.

Many waste management companies offer this service. They could also consult contractors and provide training or advice. 

Companies like Cleanway offer bespoke and affordable hydro excavation services to various industry players. Cleanway’s non-destructive digging services utilise modern best practices to ensure a safe and effective job. 

You want to ensure an efficient, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly job. Thus it is vital to hire a professional non-destructive digging service.