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8 ways to get graffiti off your walls

8 ways to get graffiti off your walls

Getting graffiti off your household or business walls is not as arduous or as complex as you might think.

Graffiti can be an unwanted and unsightly presence on house or business walls. Although the artist might be happy with their handiwork, the wall’s owner might find it a nuisance at best. 

These spray-canned projects can have an adverse effect on buildings and local communities. According to one study conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology, graffiti “has a potential impact on the long term viability of businesses and continuing investment of the private sector in heavily affected areas.”

Unsightly art on company buildings can give the wrong impression to prospective customers.

Proper graffiti removal is needed to restore the affected surface to its original condition. Luckily, many waste management companies offer graffiti removal services and can provide protection ideas to prevent future vandalism.

This blog explores 8 common ways to get graffiti off your walls. While many of these techniques, like abrasive blasting, should be conducted by professional graffiti removal services, some can be done with household items.

Always take caution when it comes to working with potentially harmful substances. Some chemicals found in spray paint removers can be harmful to humans. Additionally, older graffiti removal techniques often used chemicals that negatively affected the surrounding environment.

8 Common Graffiti Removal Techniques

  1. Repainting
  2. High-pressure washing
  3. Eco-friendly chemical treatments
  4. Abrasive blasting
  5. Dry ice blasting 
  6. Non-toxic soap and hard work.
  7. Pre-emptively apply anti-graffiti paint
  8. Landscape around affected areas

Let’s look at what these techniques entail in greater detail.

1. Repainting

Repainting graffitied surfaces is a common and reasonably effective removal technique. It can be done without the help of professional services.

Although it can quickly restore a surface to its original state, the permanent damage must be fully addressed.

Repainting over old graffiti is similar to sweeping dust under the rug as it merely hides the problem.

2. High-pressure washing

High-pressure washing often requires professional graffiti removal services, but it’s far more effective than just painting over!

High-pressure washing can remove the graffiti paint from the surface. It returns it to its original appearance. So unlike repainting, the process actually removes the spray paint.

For porous surfaces, like face brick walls, merely painting over is not enough. Services like high-pressure washing are needed.

3. Eco-friendly chemical treatments

Chemicals are a common form of graffiti remover. They are an effective cleaning technique because they remove the paint materials from affected surfaces.

However, emphasis must be placed on their eco-friendly nature. Previously, graffiti removal involved harmful chemicals that negatively affected humans and the environment.

Eco-friendly chemical treatments are great at graffiti removal because they combine the effectiveness of chemical treatments while still remaining conscious of human health and the environment. 

4. Abrasive blasting

An abrasive blasting machine functions like a high-pressure washing machine. But instead of water, it uses an abrasive material like sand.

Abrasive blasting is an effective removal technique because it destroys the spray paint from the affected surface. 

It is environmentally friendly but often requires the services of professionals.

5. Dry ice blasting

This is a less common technique, but it is highly effective. Blasting dry ice onto graffitied surfaces removes the paint much like an abrasive blaster. 

Porous surfaces, like bricks, often require a removal technique that gets into the tiny paint pockets. Dry ice blasting can do just this. 

6. Non-toxic soap and hard work.

This is a removal technique that can be done without the help of professional services. The only issue is that it requires a lot of work!

It’s important to use non-toxic soap with a low odour. Using non-toxic soap minimises the risk of environmental damage.

7. Pre-emptively apply anti-graffiti paint

Suppose the building is in an area often targeted by graffiti vandals. In that case, anti-graffiti paint should be applied to any surface that might be affected.

This will most likely stop the vandals from returning for another job. It is a permanent fix to vandalism but requires forethought.

8. Landscape Around Affected Areas.

At times, effective graffiti removal should be aimed at prevention. Prevention is your best bet if you are worried about the costs associated with removal.

Planting trees or bushes in front of common targets, like schools and public city buildings, can prevent artists from taking out their spray cans.

As mentioned earlier, property value decreases in areas with high levels of vandalism. If you prevent these vandals from starting their next job, they will be less inclined to paint all over your walls in the future!

These 8 common ways to get graffiti off your walls vary in effectiveness. Some require a professional cleaning service, and some can be done with elbow grease. It’s up to you to decide what will be most convenient!

But, if you’re in need of some advice, consider talking to a waste management company that offers graffiti removal services like Cleanway. They can advise on how to remove any unwanted paint as well as suggest ways to prevent future vandalism.

What Most Graffiti Removal Services Do?

Most graffiti removal services operate within a waste management company. These companies are skilled at providing an efficient service for various cleaning and waste removal needs. Graffiti removal is one of their standard services.

They are trained professionals who can remove graffiti from most surfaces, such as concrete, brick walls, metal, and wood. The type of graffiti removal service they offer will depend on various factors.

Why Is Anti-Graffiti Coating a Good Idea?

Anti-graffiti coating is a removal technique that seeks to prevent graffiti artists from spraying their paint ink in the first place.

It is an effective cleaning technique because it protects property from being vandalised in the first place.

Anti-graffiti coating comes in various shapes and sizes. Consult a graffiti removal company for the type best suited for your needs. 

What Household Items Can I Use to Remove Graffiti?

Many everyday household items can be used to remove graffiti. However, nothing really beats hiring a professional graffiti removal service.

Here’s a list of everyday items:
Rubbing alcohol
Nail polish remover 
Non-toxic soaps
Chlorine bleach